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An organization is more than a sum of its members, but the individuals who make up the team that allows an organization to function are each substantial in their worth to the whole. Without talented, committed, driven people, no unit can hope to have a chance to work, let alone succeed. At Tera Terra we are tremendously privilleged and blessed to work with a team that brings remarkable abilities to the fore, and none more so than the founder and Executive Director of Tera Terra Helping Hands Society, Pavan Aujla.

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We are a B.C. Registered Society
BN/Registration Number: 778961664 RC 0001
Photo of Pavan Aujla

Pavan Aujla

Founder and Executive Director
Tera Terra Helping Hands Society

Driven and daring, Pavan is a dynamic socially conscientious entrepreneur, who is very actively engaged in her community.

Pavan Aujla's experience and expertise spans myriad professional roles that she has performed with tremendous zeal and success. She has worked as a lending solutions specialist, on real estate investment projects, helped raise private capital, wholesale of mutual funds, ethical investment projects, and marketing, media and public relations work. Her endeavors have taken her far and wide through Canada, the United States, Mexico, and India. Her incredible energy and desire, to be a positive and constructive force in her community, has led her to founding and being Executive Director of Tera Terra Helping Hands Society.

Cheque Presentation for Tera Terra Helping Hands Society
Cheque Presentation for Tera Terra Helping Hands Society

Pavan is a passionate believer in the entrepreneurial spirit and the role of private enterprise. She also believes in using the fruits of success for the assistance and betterment of those in society who have fallen on hard times or have succumbed to unexpected circumstances. Her Tera Terra society has become a focus for her endeavours in this regard.

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Our Executive Team

At Tera Terra we are blessed to have some fantastic collaborators, partners, and team members. The executive team at Tera Terra is a group of dynamic inidividuals and professionals who give of their time and expertise while maintaing extremely busy work schedules. We are tremendously grateful to everyone involved for giving of themselves towards our efforts, and making valuable contributions to our greater community.

Pavan Aujla

Founder & Executive Director

Hardev Singh Aujla


Jillian Dupont

Founding Member
& Vice President of Board

Chan Kaur

Vice President

Gurbakhash Kaur Aujla



6775 Bella Vista Rd, Vernon,
British Columbia, V1H 1B8
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